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Tier 1 Server Colocation Internet Network

Tier 1 Server Colocation Internet Network One of our primary Internet network providers, Hurricane Electric Internet is a major worldwide Tier 1 International Internet Backbone Provider. This Internet Backbone is an international, fully redundant OC192 (10,000Mbps) Internet Backbone.

This Internet Network is all fiber optic and utilizes intelligent routing to make sure that our customer’s traffic goes the most direct and fastest route to its destination.

In addition to this international Internet backbone, we also directly connect to over five-hundred and (500) major national and international server colocation Internet networks. We directly connect to AT&T, Level(3), Akamai, XO, Verio, Abovenet, Swisscom, Japan Telecom, Earthlink, Broadwing, MSN, etc. and most any major network that you can think of within the industry.

We directly connect to and exchange traffic with most all major networks in order to increase the speed of data transfer by sending data directly to its destination. This gives Advanced Server Colocation customers maximum speed and reliability.

Some of our server colocation network features are as follows:

• Switched High Performance 100 or 1000Megabit Internet Port
• Additional Bandwidth Available As Required
• Simple Migration Path to Multiple 1000Megabit or OC48 (2,400Mbps) Internet Port
• 24/7 Customer Support Center – Monitors Network Connections and provides Support
• Battery Backup and Emergency Generator
• Premium Security Systems – Card Access and Digital Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
• Tier 1 Internet Backbone with Direct Connect to Over Five-Hundred (500) Major National and International Networks including AT&T, XO, Akamai, MSN,
Level(3), etc.
• Fully Redundant Multiple Self-Healing Fiber 10,000Mbps & OC192 Tier 1 Internet Backbone
• Avoid Expensive High Bandwidth Leased Lines!
• Full Physical Access 24 Hour / 365 Days per year
• Individually Locked Cabinets are Always Standard (Cages and Racks are also available)
• Both From Front and Back Access Cabinets Provide Easy Server Access
• State Of The Art Climate Controlled System Environment
• Keep Track of Bandwidth Usage with MRTG Stats Page
• FREE unlimited IPv6 addresses. IPv4 also available

Server Colocation Internet Network

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$199 Call! 2u 2Amps 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$445 4u 4Amps 50Mbps - Reston VA
$745 Call! Full Cab 20Mbps - Fremont CA
$995 Call! 1,000Mbps on GigE (specify locations)
$895 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,295 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Reston VA
$1,299 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Chicago IL
$1,795 Call! Full Cab 1,000Mbps - Fremont CA
$1,995 Call! Full Cab 100Mbps - Los Angeles CA
$2,599 Call! 1,000Mbps Core 2 Duo 160 Gig HD 2 Gig Ram

These are only a sampling of our *Special Offers* that change weekly. Call 510-931-7979 now for the latest weekly specials!

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